Elephants for your Wedding

We are a family owned business. We have been caring for and living with elephants for over 40 years. Our work is the realization of a dream come true. We wanted to be able to live with our elephants and to help this endangered species. The elephants participate in health research projects that benefit elephants around the world.  A portion of the funds raised by the work our elephants do is donated to the International Elephant Foundation, www.elephantconservation.org.

When you choose our elephants for your event you become a partner in all of our elephant care and welfare projects.

Our elephants appear in movies, commercials, shows, parades, fairs and special events. Over the years we occasionally had requests to have the groom ride in Indian weddings. As we learned more about the Indian culture we became enchanted with the traditions surrounding the elephants part in the baraat. We love the beautiful outfits, dancing
and high level of energy. Indian weddings are one of our favorite engagements.

Our elephants are used to the music, people, cars, dancing and all that goes along with a baraat.  They are accustomed to wearing blankets and saddles and are comfortable with riders.